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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  November 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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center. you said this was going to hit hard. >> we have scattered showers out there right now but this really is associated with the warm front ahead of the storm that's going to be moving onshore. hi-def doppler is picking up on some of the moisture, mostly light showers focused mainly north of the golden gate bridge. looks like that will be the case throughout the morning hours. then things change later in the day when things begin to sag further south. in fact this next storm system looks very impressive coming at us a little differently. yesterday one was parallel to the coastline, this one is perpendicular so it's going to slide in toward the bay area and all that moisture had train right through bringing very heavy rainfall. so it's going to be windy and very wet especially in the latter half of the day. lots of clouds out there right now. again, a chance of some scattered showers throughout the day. i think more numerous toward the afternoon. this is 2:00. you can still see the front still up in this direction and then it starts to sag to the south. as it does, we are going to see
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some very heavy rainfall developing overnight tonight but it's a slow-moving storm system and that's the concern because it's going to have a lot of time to dump a tremendous amount of rainfall maybe 2 to 4" in some wetter spots and more than that in the mountains. flooding more of a concern in the coming days. more on the weather coming up. thank you. the north bay taking the brunt of the first round yesterday. they had as much as 2" of rain in parts of marin county. pg&e crews were busy restoring electric service after high winds blew down power lines in the area. pacifica had 7 outages that left 1200 homes and businesses without power for part of the day yesterday. >> we're the first guys to get the wind off the ocean. so it's more gusty than what you get maybe over the hill or even in san francisco. we're like the front line as far as that's concerned. >> at sfo they had the usual problems that come with storms. there were delays up to 3
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hours, dozens of incoming and outgoing flights cancelled because of the weather. >> up in the sierra it's not cold enough for snow at lake tahoe this morning. they got a mix of rain and snow yesterday. it will be colder today though. when all is said and done, ski resorts at lake level and above could get several feet of snow by the end of the weekend. our aging infrastructure is put to the test whenever we get a lot of rain. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in daly city in the neighborhood that was recently hit by a river of mud from a pipe that fell apart. we can't forget those images, cate. >> reporter: no. i know that the city has spent close to half million dollars trying to replace the soil and vegetation in this area. and city leaders even admitted to us that there could be more aging pipes in the area. but the reality is for most cities, the money to do the work is not there. as we have seen in the past, aging pipes and storm drains pushed past their limits
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sometimes caused by relentless storms also causing devastating damage sometimes deadly accidents. the american society of civil engineers says putting off maintenance work is not an option and it's that cautionary tale for the bay area. pay now or pay up to 10 times more later. engineers grade the bay area's roadways, urban stormwater and flood control a desperately low "d." the bay area needs to spend nearly $3 billion a year to maintain the infrastructure. >> pipelines that were designed to be in the ground for 30 years are now in the ground for 100 years. we are expecting the materials that were supposed to last 30 years to last 120 years. it's because we are not replacing these systems. >> reporter: and michelle mentioned, two weeks ago this neighborhood was covered in mud after an aging pipe crack. and this is just another example of how cities don't have the money to keep up and maintain their systems, even replace old systems. as for funding for maintaining the systems, lawmakers know that raising taxes is a
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controversial issue but state senator-elect jerry hill already says he plans to raise gas taxes and says that's the best if not long-term solution for the area. reporting live in daly city, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. you can use your live hi- def doppler on our website to zero in on your neighborhood to see what's going on there. just go to well, liz had a busy day yesterday because of all the rain but right now it's not too wet so hopefully you're not all that busy in the traffic department. >> it looks okay. gosh, it is amazing what some wet weather will do to the commute. the only thing we got going right now is actually out in napa. we have a traffic alert. it sounds like the northbound lane of highway 121 blocked by 128. a car slowed to avoid a deer and crashed at the scene. so fire crews are there now. they are working to clear it. it's been there since before 3:30 this morning. we'll take live look outside so yeah, the golden gate bridge looks a lot drier this morning
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than yesterday. and the commute across the span is moving at top speeds, as well. some other bridges no wind advisories in effect, nothing like that issued by chp so it's nice and quiet heading into san francisco. san mateo bridge simple har story. no problems across the span. we'll have a check on mass transit coming up. back to you. >> thank you. a girl is missing wearing a blue hoodie with pink stripes and blue yoga pants police need tips to solve the shooting death of two
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teenagers in east oakland. 16-year-old bobby of oakland and 15-year-old raquel of san leandro were shot several times early sunday morning along mina avenue near brookdale park. bobby's mother says her daughter told her earlier they were having a sleepover at raquel's home. >> i wonder why she lied to me. i don't know why they had to shoot my daughter. it's not going to bring them back. so if you have children out there, be straight, know where they're at. >> a family friend told cbs 5 some people who live near the shooting scene tried to comfort the teens until emergency crews arrived. the two girls had been good friends for 8 years. they were in and out in a flash two robbers hitting a bay area jewelry store in los gatos where a store was hit on tuesday afternoon. now, the men were wearing masks when they stormed into the store with semi-automatic
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pistols. one went for the safe, the other with a sledgehammer smashed cases and stole jewelry. one customer refused the orders from the robbers to get down and employees say she was trying to keep her baby safe inside. >> protecting her child. she was protecting the child. robbers drop some of the stolen goods as they ran out. they fled in a stolen car that was found in a parking lot just a few blocks away. fred woods got the news for a 13th time he will not be paroled. in 1976, he helped richard and james schoenfeld hijack a school bus in chowchilla. they then held the bus driver and 26 students in a moving van buried at a rock quarry near livermore off isabel avenue. the intent was to hold them for ransom. but the kidnappers ended up
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falling asleep giving the hostages a chance to escape. >> they said you will never see your parents again. >> they are threats to me. i relive those heightened moments. i'm more scared all over again. >> all three kidnappers were sentenced to life in prison. richard schoenfeld is out on parole since june living in mountain view with his mother his brother behind bars. >> other bay area headlines on this thursday, an overpass along 880 in san leandro will remain partially closed following an accident. a big rig dropped cars on the freeway near marina boulevard. two cars smashed into the cars falling off the truck.
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crews are check the overpass to see if it was damaged. today of is a deadline for reforms in the oakland police department. the deadline was set by a federal judge who will decide whether federal authorities should take control of the oakland police department. that decision will come after the judge hears arguments next month. the record-breaking powerball jackpot $588 million. there was a winner. the odds of winning last n's jackpot? one in 175 million. you're more likely to be struck by lightning elected preside >> two winning tickets were sold, arizona and missouri. the odds of winning were one in 175 million. so you're more likely to be struck by lightning or be elected the president. you had what, three numbers. >> i had 10 tickets. got to three on one ticket which is worth like 3 bucks j3 bucks. >> big deal. three more and i'm out of here. [ laughter ] >> you're still working today.
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[ laughter ] people have been on a ticket buying spree for days but not here in california. >> you know what? that may change after today. lottery officials are meeting this morning in sacramento. they are trying to hammer out details that would allow the golden state to join the party 42 states that all take part in the powerball drawing. lottery fans in southern california say they're already ready to play. >> i'm glad powerball is coming here. it's wonderful. we deserve a chance to hit too. >> state officials believe adding powerball sales will add an additional $120 million in revenue and it costs 2 bucks a ticket so that jackpot goes up quick. >> yes. 4:41. runners running a health risk what older athletes need to know to keep their hearts healthy. >> crossing the line. why some special needs students are being put in these so- called isolation rooms. >> and on the lam, two escapees catching new yorkers off guard.
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a downtown apartment comple. cbs-5 reporter anne makovecs on scene w we continue to following breaking news in palo alto. major police activity outside a downtown apartment complex. >> cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene with the latest from palo alto. anne. >> reporter: it turns out a man had broken into a woman's apartment here behind me on high and hawthorne in palo alto. you can see they have it blocked off right now. they are still trying to collect evidence from this apartment. but right now, the man is still on the loose. this happened at 2:20 a.m. a woman woke up in her apartment and found that there was a man inside. the only description police can give us now that it was a male and that he was wearing dark clothes. so obviously they don't have a lot to go on as far as what they are looking for. so she screamed when she saw him and then he took off. he has not been seen since.
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they blocked off several roads around this neighborhood at around 2:30 this morning. they searched the area with a dog trying to find anybody suspicious. they have since unblocked the roads. the dog search is off and they say that they are going to try to find this guy with the details that they are collecting right now in their investigation. so that is what we have right now. still waiting for more details on how this guy got into the apartment and what happened. the police say they don't know whether or not the woman may have been sexually assaulted or at least they are not telling us at this time. right now live in palo alto, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. are you ready for round two? >> no. >> no. >> well, it's coming. >> i don't think so >> i have a feeling. >> i think you better clean the gutters, any drainage problems you have around your home, this is a good time to take care of it. we get a break today but by the latter part of the afternoon the storm roars onshore especially in the north bay.
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right now still some scattered showers outside. let's check the high-def doppler radar. you can see some of the light showers showing up at least in parts of the north bay now. looks like that will be the case throughout the morning hours. then i think some of this will begin to shift further to the south. but into sonoma along one watch out we are seeing light showers there. we have seen those throughout the night really a warm front ahead of the main cold front that's going to push down later in the day. so cloudy start to the day, showers in the north bay, and then by the afternoon we'll see the rain beginning to pick up a little bit around the rest of the bay area. it's going to be breezy all day long and then storm 2 comes in late in the day and then overnight tonight we are talking about some very heavy rainfall especially focused in the north bay. you see the clouds moving out ahead of the main cold front right knew cross our skies. the cold front really lingering right up here so it's going to take some time to get here and that's the big concern with this. it's going to be a slow-moving storm so the potential for dropping a lot more rain in the bay area is expected. so this is going to be a stronger storm that rolls in a little later on today into
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tonight. tomorrow morning it's going to be very wet and it's going to stay wet not only overnight tonight and tomorrow but also throughout the weekend. in fact flooding is more of a concern especially toward the latter part of the weekend. futurecast model showing you clouds outside right now some scattered showers in the north bay and then toward the evening hours, we start to see the cold front making its way into the bay area. the rain picking up in the north bay and slowly working its way down across the rest of the bay area so tomorrow morning's commute is going to be very windy and wet early on tomorrow morning and some heavy rainfall going to pull through. then it turns to showers for the better part of friday into saturday and then that rain comes onshore once again as we head in toward sunday with the third system moving onshore. going to see a lot of rain, tremendous amounts of rain, just in the next 24 to 36 hours through friday up to 6" of rain in the north bay. i think the main rivers are going to stay within their banks but we could see some flooding along some of the creeks there. also some of the streams. you can see upwards of 3" on the peninsula and another 6" in the santa cruz mountains. so you get the idea a lot of
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rain coming our way, temperatures into the 60s. next couple of days, going to be very stormy around the bay area. turning to showers by friday afternoon and saturday another strong storm moves in on sunday going to have to watch out for the potential for flooding especially in the north bay, elizabeth. >> yeah. look at that. so friday morning commute we have all been warned, yeah, sounds like it's going to be a doozy. all right. outside right now it's not too bad anywhere around the bay area. we do have a couple of fend but nothing that's really creating a huge hotspot. it really is nothing like the morning commute yesterday where it was wet, it was windy, we had wind advisories on all the bridges. here's a live look at the nimitz approaching high street northbound an accident in lanes. it was in the clearing stages. they have already cleared one car off to the right-hand shoulder. so just a heads up you may still see some activity there approaching high street. golden gate bridge lane closures towards san francisco, the usual roadwork. this traffic alert is still in effect out in napa highway 121
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at 128 sounds like the northbound lane is blocked. westbound 580 still looks great through the altamont pass and livermore. and 280 you can see no big brake lights at all coming up the guadalupe parkway or heading through downtown. mass transit will be a great option tomorrow but it's always a good one any morning and so far all trains are on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. the united nations general assembly is expected to vote today on whether to give nonmember observer status to palestine. palestinians say they need u.n. recognition of a palestinian state in the west bank in order to get israel back to the negotiating table. meanwhile the u.s. insists on direct negotiations with israel. >> the path to a two-state solution is through jerusalem and ramallah, not new york. >> israel's prime minister says u.n. recognition of an independent palestinian state
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would not advance the palestinians' quest for a homeland. benjamin netanyahu says palestine needs to declare jerusalem as their homeland and agree to security procedures to protect israel. more discussions are planned on capitol hill today in an effort to avoid that dreaded "fiscal cliff." tim geithner and rob neighbors plan to visit separately today with the four house and senate leaders to find common ground on averting a series of tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to start in january. president obama will have lunch in a couple of hours with mitt romney. it will be the first time the two have met face to face since their final debate shortly before this month's election. the event at the white house will be private. no aides will be present. no media will be allowed. it would be fun to be there. >> no kidding and that "fiscal cliff" i'm sure is going to come up. a new york city nanny pleads not guilty to charges that she killed two children.
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yoselyn ortega is accused of stabbing a 6-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy who were in her care. she also stabbed herself and is still in the hospital. police say the mother returned home last month and found her children dead. two bp rig supervisors and a former bp executive pled not guilty to criminal charges in the deadly deepwater horizon rig explosion from 2010. the supervisors are charged with manslaughter in the deaths of 11 rig workers. the former executive is charged separately with concealing information from congress about the amount of oil leaking from the well in the gulf of mexico. parents are blasting an isolation booth at an elementary school in the state of washington. but school administrators say they need it. we'll let you judge for yourself. photos of the isolation booth went viral on facebook. looks like a big safe there. the original facebook poster criticized as abusive. she says kids are locked in for crying or tapping on their
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desks. school leaders say it's therapy for children that need to calm down. >> do you feel it's abusive? >> people have their own opinions without having a lot of information about it. i would not classify it as abusive. >> the isolation booth has been at the school for the past four years. so we want to know this morning, what do you think about the use of an isolation booth inside a classroom? comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at some runners may be running themselves into an early grave. a new report in the british journal "heart" studied more than 50,000 people over three decades. the findings suggest that running may be bad for your health if do you it too fast, too far and for too many years. among long-time runners the study found no mortality benefit for running more than 20 to 25 miles a week. good. i'll keep walking. no problem for me, no kidding. it could be the making of a
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good disney movie. two buddies on the run. >> it's a zebra and pony making a break for it. look at them. they were spot on staten island yesterday. the two were apparently best friends and they escaped when the petting zoo other than accidentally left the gate open after feeding them and they said, let's go see new york! they teenaged people and cars. men with lass -- they dodged people and cars and men with lassos before they were finally captured. >> can you imagine driving in new york and seeing that? it would be great! hey, let's go, let's go! 4:52 now. out of control costs? what's driving up the price of muni's new headquarters. >> plus, travel in style for a bus. the new way to get from the bay area to l.a. and beyond. >> and 7 bucks for a 16-ounce coffee. starbucks' latest pricy creation that will set you back some big bucks. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense.
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lysol. mission for health. a few showers in the north bay will change in the latter part of the day. we'll talk about that coming up. >> that's right. we're all gearing up for tomorrow morning's commute but now we are dry and quiet on bay area bridges. no wind advisories and no big delays across the golden gate, bay bridge or san mateo bridge. more "timesaver traffic" coming up. the price tag is up to $218 million for turning an old san francisco building into a regional headquarters for muni and other local agencies. that's $51 million higher than an estimate from a year ago. the increase is partly due to higher prices for seismic retrofitting and improvements on five floors of the building. so don't want to spend a lot on gas or airline ticket?
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soon you can get from the bay area to l.a. for less than the price of a pack of gum. a new express bus service is rolling into the bay area called megabus. all tickets will be a dollar at first. otherwise, most seats will range from $5 to $9. the double-decker bus will run to and from san jose, oakland, san francisco, sacramento, l.a. and reno. >> it's all about us trying to make bus travel sexy again. >> we can't all be flying first class. >> service starts december 12 so if you want to head south or it reno go for it. >> not bad. the bean counter at starbucks are smiling because the chain rolled out its most expensive coffee ever. i might need help with the name. it's called [ speaking spanish ] it retails for $7 a cup. that's for a grande. for $6 you can skitch just for
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the tall. >> is that something would you buy? >> no. >> it's fine. >> lawrence karnow has already left the building. right now the big ticket brew is only available in a few dozen stores in fact pacific northwest. starbucks plans to take it nationwide by the end of the year. i don't think i would go for that. >> that could keep you up for days. >> $7. powerball in california? when might be able to play. >> and a bay area crisis. another round of wet weather is on the way. could it cause a mud slide disaster like the one in daly city? >> a young woman wakes up to find a man -- intruder in her apartment. we'll tell you what happened next coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. right now, police


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